The following operations have been inspected by Afrisco's inspectors, and approved for organic certification by Afrisco's Certification Committee.  (PP=Primary production, Pr=Processor, E=Exporter, Tr=Trader or Importer.  A=Arable, B-Beverages, D=Dairy, F=Fruit, G=Grapes &/or wine, H=Herbs, I-Input Supplier, L=Livestock, M=Medicinals, N= Nuts, P=Poultry,  S=Sugar, T=Tree crops,   V=Vegetables, W=Wine making)  If you are a certified producer and not listed in the table below, you will be listed as soon as the latest list of certification approvals comes through.

From 1st April 2013, operations which are certified to the Afrisco standards are also certified to the EU Organic Regulations.  Operators are in South Africa unless otherwise indicated, in the province indicated.

This page was last updated on 5th August 2013.  

No. & type

Name of operation


Date of certification approval

Period of certification

Organic standard and status
06006 Pr Credé Oils,  Western Cape  ben@credeoils.com  Mr Philipp Credé 12th December 2012 Until 8th November 2013 Afrisco, Organic
06008 Pr TriBeCa Coffee,  Gauteng       natasha@tribeca.co.za  Mr Martin Fitzgerald 25th October 2012 Until 20th October 2013 Afrisco, Organic
06007 Tr Sevenoaks Trading, Gauteng         ctcs@icon.co.za  Ms Carol Lane 17th December 2012 Until 30th October 2013 Afrisco, Organic
06010 PP-F,V & Pr Buffelshoek Farm, Western Cape lizeglington@netconnect.co.za  Ms Liz Eglington 30th October 2012 Until 30th October 2013 Afrisco, Organic
06009  Pr N Ambassador Foods, Mpumalanga          qualitycontrol@nutco.co.za  Mr Graham Kramer 30th June 2013  Until 30th June 2014 Afrisco, Organic
07010   Pr S TSB Malelane Mill, Mpumalanga        StrydomA@tsb.co.za  Mr André Strydom 25th September 2012 Until 25 September 2013 Afrisco, Organic
09001, Pr BeanThere Coffee Co., Gauteng      jonathan@beanthere.co.za  Mr Jonathan Robinson 5th August 2013 Until 5th August 2014 Afrisco, Organic
08008   Pr B Classique Beverages, KwaZulu Natal madelines@telkomsa.net  Ms Madeline Saunders 26th December 2012  Until 31st December 2013 Afrisco, Organic
10004 Pr, B Ciro Beverage Solutions, Gauteng       GitikaD@ciro.co.za  Ms Gitika Diah 30th June 2013 Until 30th June 2014 Afrisco, Organic
10005  V, F The Drift Farm, Western Cape      louise@thedrift.co.za  Mr. D.S. Jack 27th November 2012 Until 9th October 2013 Afrisco, Organic
11002  I Khoisan Trading Company. Western Cape,  khoisan1@mweb.co.za Ms Elfie Burger 20th November 2011 Until 18th November 2013 Afrisco, Approved input
02025 D La Montanara, Western Cape eckard@lando.co.za Mr Eckard Leicher 7th November 2012 Until 17th November 2013 Afrisco, Organic
12001 V, H Vredenhof Organic Estate, Western Cape, vredenhof@telkomsa.net Mrs Isabella Blench 25th October 2012 Until 9th November 2013 Afrisco, Organic
12008/09001 Pr BeanThere Coffee Co., Capetown      jonathan@beanthere.co.za  Jonathan Robinson 31st October 2012 Until 31st October 2013 Afrisco, Organic
13002 V,H Harmonie Farm, Magaliesberg louisvermaak3000@gmail.com  Mr Louis Vermaak 22nd May 2013 Until 31st September 2013 Afrisco, 2nd year in conversion
13004 V, H Rerka Farm, Midrand, Gauteng rcoertze@iafrica.com  Mr R.J. Coertze 22nd May 2013 Until 31st September 2013 Afrisco, 1st year in conversion
13003 V, H Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre, Lusaka, Zambia Br. Paul Desmarais, S.J. Applicant    
13008 W Upland Organic Estate, Stellenbosch info@organicwine.co.za  Dr Edmund Oettle Applicant    
13012 T Africa Naturally, Beira, Mozambique janet@africanaturally.com  Ms Janet Phythian Applicant    
13018 V Ambersky Farm, Lanseria, Gauteng cammy@cuisine-jardin.co.za  Mr Sarel van Rensberg Applicant    
13011 V McInnes Oganic, Tarlton, Gauteng mcinnes66@gmail.com  Mr & Mrs D. McInnes Applicant    


DECERTIFIED OR SUSPENDED OPERATORS