If you wish to apply for certification from AFRISCO, you need to:

Download the questionnaire that you need below:

Document Name: File Format: File Size: Download:
- Crop Application, V6 Microsoft Word 426Kb Download now!
- Processor Application, V8 Microsoft Word 487Kb Download Now!
- Livestock Application, V6 Microsoft Word 367Kb Download Now!
- Poultry Application, V6 Microsoft Word 214Kb Download Now!
- Application for Wild Collection, V4 Microsoft Word 269Kb Download Now!
- Group Application, V3 Microsoft Word 433Kb Download Now!
- Vermiculture Application, V4 Microsoft Word 147Kb Download Now!
- Assessment of inputs for organic agriculture, V3 Microsoft Excel 348Kb Download Now!
- Application for Bee-keeping, V1 Microsoft Word 265Kb Download Now!

Note that for certificatoin to the EU organic regulations, you need the Afrisco organic standards, as outlined in this website. 

For exports to north America (Canada and the U.S.A.) you also need the Canadian Organic Regime, which you should request from us by email or phone.  This requires compliance with the Afrisco standards and some additional requirements.