ISO 65.  This is the basic requirement for any certifier, indicating that we have a manual and procedures for all our activities, and that we will treat all our certified operators in the same way, with impartiality and confidentiality.  We have been accredited since 2007 to the ISO Guide 65. (Click on the picture to see a readable version)

IFOAM accreditation.  This is the gold standard for organic certifiers, indicating that we have specific procedures for ensuring best practice in organic certification.  We have been accredited to the IFOAM norms since 2009. 

IFOAM Family of Standards.  Our organic standards have been endorsed by IFOAM as truly organic, based on the IFOAM equivalence system.  Some countries (eg Australia, Saudi Arabia) automatically accept imports if the certifier is in the Family of Standards.

Afrisco Certified Organic, CC is recognised as equivalent to the EU organic regulation from 1st April 2013.    That allows our certified operators to export to Europe, and to many other countries which accept EU accreditation..  


Afrisco has also obtained accrediation to the Canadian Organic Regime.  This allows certified organic operators to export to Canada and the Untied States.