Top 5 Responsible Farming Practices

Top 5 Responsible Farming Practices

Responsible farming practices are a natural and essential component of sustainable food production. Being diligent in your preparation and handling of food and a leading contributor to our planet’s well being. But what are some of the best practices that would help you become a better producer?

Be Prepared – Be prepared for the best at all times, and be on time with your responsibilities. This will provide for more productive hours and fewer hours in production.

Produce – produce in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing to you.

Aesthetics is the first step to producing good quality produce. It makes you look good to customers and gives you an edge over your competition.

Make the most of your space – You’ll always want to have space to work with. Having this space is like having a garden in your backyard.

Communication Techniques – Using good communication skills is vital to your business. Communicating with your employees, customers, suppliers and the public about your processes, products and services will go a long way towards ensuring a successful operation.

Time Management Skills – Taking the right steps to improve the quality of your process will result in a faster turnaround time. The more hands you have working in the same machine, the faster it will run. Make sure that you aren’t running too many pieces of equipment with too little or no control, so that your company will remain efficient.

Workers are more productive – The more employees you have working on the same job, the more likely you are to have workers who are more productive. Give them incentives and bonuses to be more productive and to work longer hours. This will make them work harder, which will make them produce more.

Respond quickly to problems – When something goes wrong, be sure that you get to work to resolve the problem.

Without appropriate follow up on your customers, you may never know if they will return. If you let customers know what you did, they may be more apt to patronize your product and be willing to support your business.

Train Staff – If you have a strong working relationship with your customer, you can start the relationship off by training your staff to be more responsive to their needs. Providing training tools to give employees the tools to respond more effectively, that you can follow up on, will go a long way toward making sure that you are successful in what you do.

Communication skills – If you cannot communicate clearly and precisely, how are you going to handle the task at hand? Effective communication is the basis of a business and how you conduct yourself as a business owner. When you feel that you don’t communicate effectively, you could go on a disastrous course.

  • In all, not everyone is capable of achieving everything that they desire, but if you find that you have less than all of the above, then you may have to tailor your plan to fit your own requirements.
  • But if you are able to take the first steps, then you have much to gain by following a few of the best practices and implementing them into your operations.
  • These would improve the quality of your job, improve your productivity and make you an even better contributor to the world you live in.