Businesses That Fall Under The Title of Agriculture

There are many different businesses that fall under the title of Agriculture. Here is a list of the main ones:

Food Processing – This type of agriculture includes farming, harvesting, food packaging, and retail food handling. It is one of the oldest forms of farming that was originally in an agricultural setting. Other businesses that fall under this industry include and bakery, meat packing, and fresh and frozen food.

Forestry – Forestry is mainly used for two types of business. The first involves forest management. A business may use the forest to produce timber, wood, or the product wood pellets. Also, the forest may be harvested for recreation or residential use.

Fish and Aquaculture – This is another main business that falls under the category of Agriculture. A typical example of a business in this field is salmon fishing. Many of the businesses that deal with this type of business include processors, restaurants, and retailers.

Animal Husbandry – This is closely related to Animal Husbandry but focuses on livestock and animal breeding. An example of a business that falls under this category is Ranchers. Other businesses that are involved in this industry include farm animal suppliers, pet food distributors, dairy producers, and meat and poultry slaughtering.

Aquaculture – This business is one of the most popular forms of agriculture. It involves the development and production of fish and other aquatic creatures for human consumption. These businesses can be large corporations or small ones. Examples of businesses that fall under this industry include fish farms, aquaculture companies, and aquaculture research and development.

Animal Husbandry – This is a form of agriculture that is divided into several branches. One branch deals with the raising of animals that are domesticated for the purpose of being slaughtered for human consumption. Another branch involves the raising of livestock for pet purposes. Another branch deals with raising animals for food.

Bioscience – This type of agricultural business deals with creating new varieties of crops. It is also involved in the processes used to ensure the crops grow at a specific rate. Examples of businesses that fall under this industry include banana and wheat research.

Agricultural Research – This is another important branch of agriculture. It involves researching various ways to increase the yield of crops, develop new crops, and utilize the crop for food. It also involves researching new methods of using the crop for animal feeds.

Seed – This is the part of agriculture that deals with preparing seeds and saving them for planting in the future. Seed companies develop, test, and sell a variety of seed products including soybeans, wheat, and peanuts. Soybeans are commonly used in animal feed and in the making of paper.

Shipping – This form of agricultural business deals with the transportation of goods that are processed by companies like Monsanto. It includes such transportation like trucks, planes, and ships. It also includes the transportation of raw materials from places such as South America. Examples of companies that fall under this type of business include soybean farmers, sugar cane farmers, and soybean processors.

As you can see, there are a variety of industries that fall under the name of Agriculture. This list is only a fraction of the entire list of different businesses that fall under the category of Agriculture.