Are GMOs An Organic Or Synthetic Plant?

Are GMOs An Organic Or Synthetic Plant?

When I was a child I had always been told that a GM plant is an organism created by adding genes from another organism and inserting it into the plant. Is this true? Is a GM plant an organism?

In today’s food world, all living organisms are being genetically modified. GM plants can be placed anywhere in the world and are grown everywhere. We eat them; we drink them; we even grow them in labs as a way to grow taller, healthier crops.

In terms of a plant, there are many different food sources that could be considered GMOs. The first GMO is corn. The corn was genetically engineered to make it resistant to insects such as the corn borer.

Genetically engineered plants can contain a gene from a bacteria called Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). The Bt gene enables the plant to kill any insect that may damage it. The Bt technology is currently being used in corn and cotton.

GM potatoes have been the most controversial. They are engineered to be poisonous if eaten. This is to ensure that if there is a potato blight that occurs they will die and not harm anyone else.

Another line of business is what is called nuclear applications. The most common is nuclear fuel, which is used to create nuclear reactors. They can also be used to produce electricity.

Biopharmaceutical companies are also focused on using GMOs for their products.

These companies have found a way to increase their profits by taking advantage of a situation that is beyond their control. This situation is where small farmers can’t make enough profit to meet their production requirements. The only way they can do this is by using the previously mentioned GM crops.

They have genetically engineered crops, which can be sprayed with pesticides. The effect of this is that the pesticide used will also affect the surrounding environment. This can cause erosion, proliferation of weeds, and various environmental problems. That is why biotech crops are not allowed to be used for agriculture.

Although the biotech world has gained a great deal of support, opponents have also worked hard to stop biotech crops. The recent poll shows that they still have their supporters. I personally am on the side of the biotech world. I know the real benefits of this technology.

Because of this, the FDA must re-evaluate the food source. If the results do not show a benefit to the consumer, then the FDA should allow GMOs to be introduced back into the food supply. My hope is that we do not see more ill effects than the good, and that GMOs can become the solution for many problems in the future.

In Summary

  • Genetic modification can be a very successful science.
  • It is a proven method that will benefit us in the future.
  • I for one am now excited about the coming years as more of these solutions are available.